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Stirling Engine - Low Temperature

Stirling Engine - Low Temperature

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This type of engine was invented by London's Pastor Robert Stirling in 1816, so is named "Stirling Engine". Stirling engine is unique because of their theoretical efficiency is almost equal to the maximum theoretical efficiency, known as the Carnot cycle.  


  • Stirling engine model is an educational tool that harnesses the power of air expansion and contraction.
  • Just place it on a cup of hot water, and gently flip the wheel until the wheel can run automatically.
  • No need to fire an alcohol lamp, safer for children.
  • The high intensity PC material is heat-resistant and harmless. Transparent body gives you a clear view on how every part works.
  • Fully assembled, no need to install it yourself. 


      • Item Size: 10 x 11.3cm
      • Item Weight: 132g
      • Package Size: 12.7 x 10.5 x 10.5cm